ORIGINAL CREATIVITY Wins $550 Following Detroit Soup Pitch

The nonprofit plans to use the funds to establish the NW Goldberg Tool Library.

Detroit, MI – Following a four minute pitch by Executive Director Jordan Yagiela, ORIGINAL CREATIVITY was awarded $550 to kick-off their newest initiative: the NW Goldberg Tool Library.

“We’re very excited to get off to such a great start in establishing a tool library for our community,” said Yagiela. “This project will be a crucial step in providing resources for NW Goldberg residents to improve their own housing stock.”

The NW Goldberg Tool Library will help NW Goldberg residents and citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods rent tools at a discounted rate to complete home improvement projects. The tool library will also host workshops to teach residents how to safely use the tools that are available and how to successfully complete simple home renovation projects.

“The nearest big box stores to NW Goldberg are nine miles away, making home improvement a hassle for our residents,” said Yagiela. “In addition, we’ve learned that it’s no good to have tools if you don’t know how to properly use them. So, we’ll offer workshops that teach residents how to complete simple home improvement projects, such as changing out a plug or refinishing wood siding.”

The pitch competition was hosted by Detroit Soup at Spaulding Court, located in Detroit’s North Corktown neighborhood. This tri-quarterly event suggests a five dollar donation to eat  and vote on which organization has the best pitch.

Following the presentations, votes are counted, a winner is chosen and all of the money collected at the door goes toward the organization’s idea.

“We are honored as an organization to have been voted to win this pitch,” said ORIGINAL CREATIVITY communications chair Michael Lewis II. “Thank you to everyone who attended and believed in our mission to improve the NW Goldberg community.”

The NW Goldberg Tool Library is one of OC’s community initiatives set to begin operation by Spring 2019. It will join 2510. Neighborhood Garden and Space Repurposed as OC’s active NW Goldberg initiatives.

For more information, visit originalcreativity.com or contact ORIGINAL CREATIVITY Communications Chair Michael Lewis II.


ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a 501(c)(3) located in Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood, aims to improve upon the lives of residents in the predominantly African American community by incubating neighborhood business, building a strong community, and ensuring a family friendly environment.


Michael Lewis II, Communications Chair                                                        

Cell: (248) 946-2511

Email: hello@originalcreativity.com

Website: originalcreativity.com

Daniel Washington