ORIGINAL CREATIVITY and Detroit Hives partner to add Detroit’s first AirBnB for Bees to 2510. NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN.

The bee house will help pollinate the garden’s vegetables and wildflowers in addition to serving as an educational hub for children.

ORIGINAL CREATIVITY is partnering with local nonprofit Detroit Hives to bring a Mason bee house to their revamped 2510. NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN project next spring.

“We are ecstatic to be working with Detroit Hives to bring a mason bee house to NW Goldberg,” said Jordan Yagiela, executive director of ORIGINAL CREATIVITY. “We have admired Tim and Nicole’s work for a while, and we’re eager to contribute to maintaining Detroit’s bee population.”

Rooted in ORIGINAL CREATIVITY’s mission to build a stronger NW Goldberg community, the 2510. NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN initiative is meant to grant more access to fresh, healthy produce.

During the garden’s inaugural year, ORIGINAL CREATIVITY delivered fresh produce to more than 15 houses in the neighborhood. Yagiela says the organization is seeking to improve the garden’s look and feel in year two, starting with the bee house.

“We all have been told about how important bees are to the environment.  This will provide a real life, tangible, in-front-of-our-faces way to show and learn about the critical role that bees play in the growth of flowers and vegetables.”

In addition, ORIGINAL CREATIVITY expects it will serve as a educational hub for the community and its youth to learn about native pollinators and plants through joint programming.

“The native bee houses will be used to educate the community and local youth on the importance of cross-pollination,” said Detroit Hives’ Timothy Paule. “The Mason Bee House will be placed inside a wildflower garden whereby we can educate others on the native plants that are beneficial to us and our pollinators.”     

With both organizations stationed on opposite sides of Detroit, ORIGINAL CREATIVITY believes the partnership is mutually beneficial.

“The great thing about this partnership is the cross pollination of ideas and exposure for our residents,” said Washington. “We believe in the work of Detroit Hives and want to help facilitate the good work of Tim and Nicole as we find new ways to bring positive programming to NW Goldberg.”

Detroit Hives echoed that same philosophy when it comes to collaboration.

“It feels great connecting neighborhoods together,” said Paule. “This allows us to become more neighborly and aware of what’s happening in the broader community.”

Re-construction of 2510. NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN is set to begin in Spring of 2019 with programming running through the summer.


ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a 501 (c)(3) located in the heart of the NW Goldberg neighborhood, aims to acquire and improve upon vacant land and property in NW Goldberg to encourage economic development, environmental ownership and residential resurgence through artistic expression.

About Detroit Hives

Detroit Hives is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whereby we transform vacant lots into bee farms for the conservation of honeybees, to help spread bee awareness, and to educate our communities and local schools about bees and their contribution to our environment.


Daniel Washington