ORIGINAL CREATIVITY to Unite NW Goldberg Residents, Spur Neighborhood Development

The nonprofit will use artistic expression and neighborhood unity to fight blight and incite economic development with a twist

DETROIT – Most Detroit residents have probably never heard of the city’s NW Goldberg neighborhood. For those who frequent the area encased by Grand River Avenue, Grand Boulevard, and John C. Lodge freeway, the neighborhood is known as Zone 8.

ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a nonprofit organization operating in the heart of NW Goldberg has made it their mission to fight against this menacing reputation and improve upon vacant  property in NW Goldberg to encourage economic development, environmental ownership, and residential resurgence through artistic expression and neighborhood pride.

“The biggest thing is we want to do is improve the lives of our current residents,” said ORIGINAL CREATIVITY President and Founder Daniel A. Washington, a lifelong NW Goldberg resident. “These are great people that live here and our team, which is made up of African-American millennials and residents, feels we need to do our part in helping uplift the area.”

ORIGINAL CREATIVITY hopes to complete its mission through five base initiatives: ART PARK, ‘OUR LOT, YOUR PLOT,’ THE MURAL PROJECT SERIES, NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN, and NWGoldberg.com, which will serve as an information hub for potential and current residents or visitors.

“We can’t wait for change to come to us, we want to make change ourselves,” said Michael Lewis II, communications chair for ORIGINAL CREATIVITY. “Art, history and land repurposing make a beautifully blended formula for immediate neighborhood appeal. Hopefully, by improving the integrity of this great neighborhood through these projects, others can begin to believe as we do and invest in NW Goldberg.”

Washington added ORIGINAL CREATIVITY has plans to bring the neighborhood together to shape the community for years to come. He said attracting the right people and economic development projects is the key to unlocking the neighborhood's long term growth potential.

“We want to attract the ideal resident and that’s someone whose presence lifts the integrity of the neighborhood,” said Washington. “I think through good people and spaces for enjoyment and expression, we can strengthen the spirit of this area.”



ORIGINAL CREATIVITY, a 501 (c)(3) located in the heart of the NW Goldberg neighborhood, aims to acquire and improve upon vacant land and property in NW Goldberg to encourage economic development, environmental ownership and residential resurgence through artistic expression.



Daniel Washington